This is the Weekly Score Sheet for the Checkered Flag Challenge, currently showing the results for Race #18. Each week we'll post the results of the most recent challenge. Be sure to check our other Score Sheets to see where you stand in the running for the monthly and grand prizes.

The tables are listed in descending order of how you scored for the week.

Scores for Race 18
Thomas kidwell164
steve linton148
Jack Hartnett135
Insuk Dalton134
Michael Drummond130
Vernon McDowell130
william beiler125
Deborah Bain124
Connie Ream123
Tom Schultz122
Duane Mathis122
Don Ironside120
Cindy Lou Sterns119
Steve Ellingsworth119
2fas4u hunt III118
Jason Jeandell115
Jerry Baker115
Rob Rockemann 114
Cheryl Heimbach113
Cierra Heimbach113
Jim Robinson113
Mark Sterns111
christeena linton111
Tanner Heimbach111
Caroline Kerr109
dale blades109
Robin Hall109
Wesley Delligatti109
Randall Grunden II109
Glenn Garrett109
Chrissie Mulligan109
Jennifer Grunden109
G Ellingsworth109
Michael Tucker108
Richard Smith107
tim morrow106
Cheryl Malinowski106
Doug Miller105
christopher moran105
Christine McGown105
lauren linton104
betty fitzsimons103
Rich Paris103
Vinnie Colombo103
marvin short102
Larry Marvel101
George Mannices101
Robert McDonough100
Jim McFall100
Billye Eder100
Janet Kulp100
Robin Rockemann99
Sue Kuhling98
Tom Roth98
Michael Bain97
Vic Jeffries97
Lisa Cooper96
Ronnie Windsor95
Joel Bergen95
mary reed95
Mike Quinn94
Mark Mazepink94
Ruth Hart93
jay collins93
Michael McDermott93
Bill Sullivan92
edward marvel91
John Roesch91
Sharon Faulkner 91
Raymond Dalton91
Jeff Evans91
Ashley Malinowski91
Ken fitzsimons90
Kathy Wyatt90
KM Ironside89
Eric Howlett89
Bob Kuhling88
Linda Mazepink87
Derrick Leatherbury 87
Gary Schofield86
Michael Wyatt 86
Kevin Kuehner86
Pat Robinson85
Sandra Lee82
Mike Klements81
Kevin Breckner81
Peggy Kish80
Ted Kimmey79
Larry Gardner78
Diane Brock77
stan meyer77
steven owens77
David Rambo77
Thomas Lindale77
Bill Vernon76
lisa robinson75
Paul Pond75
Mark Rhodes75
Sean Vincent74
joseph czyszczon74
Kathy Owens73
Michael Kulp72
Marty Kibler72
David Hall71
tracy poore71
gary johnson71
susan dee70
gary collins70
Michele Wilson70
Gary Blades68
Ted Kimmey68
josh pinder67
Stephen Fean Sr65
Dale Hafer65
bob bodner65
Eric Rauch65
Jennifer Sheline64
Roy G Krieg62
Ryan Carroll61
Kim Hartnett61
Marian Fean60
Jeff Pearson60
Bill Brittingham60
Brian Perry59
Christopher Why 58
Rick Culver56
Kelly Ellingsworth 55
Katelyn Butler54
cindy usilton54
Bruce Johnson54
John Lynch53
Brent Rhodes53
Billy Wilson53
james kehler53
Thom RoletteR*52
Jenn Long51
David Hall51
judy kidwell51
Michael Strickler49
daniel vick48
christopher roesch48
Sharon Keithley47
Beth Sparpaglione 47
Jed Heimbach46
tammy kehler45
Darrell Porter44
Mark Malinowski 41
Skyler Butler33
Scot Rosenquist30

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